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submitted by Alice Bogansky on 14.01.2009

(8699) (DiGennaro) Apollonia Coroneos (*1892 †1958)

(8699) (DiGennaro) Apollonia Coroneos (*1892 †1958)
Year of birth:1892
Year of death:1958
Life story:Apollonia was Italian and the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Andrea DeGennaro They lived in Pireas, Greece.

Part of Andrea's wealth consisted of a Pilot Boat and several floating small cargo ships. He also owned 10 Leostanos Street in Pireas, which he rented to Panayotti and Aphroditi, along with their 4 sons and 4 daughters.

Andrea had 2 daughters: Polina and Nina (who never married). Nina passed on 1987/05/11 in a convent in Corfu, Greece.