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(8985) Charalumbous Dimitri Tzortzopoulos ( †1997)

(8985) Charalumbous Dimitri Tzortzopoulos ( †1997)
Fullname:Charalumbous Dimitri
Year of death:1997
Life story:Harry was born and lived in Goulbourn where his parents ran a cafe until they both died (father in a car accident and mother from cancer). He went into several children's homes until (about a year later) his godparents, Steve and Tassia Varavaresos adopted him and he completed his schooling in Sydney. He went to several Sydney schools as he was rather fond of fighting but unfortunately for him the schools weren't! When Harry left school he worked for his father in Sydney in the meat business before taking to the land - Gunnadah, Wagga Wagga and then moving to a property in Hillston (1972) where he ran mainly cattle and some sheep. He married his first wife, Louise Manning from Sydney, and had 5 children (Anna, Athena, Stephen, Nikki and Jennifer). In 1979 he divorced Louise and in 1981 remarried to Nina Patterson originally from Sydney. He moved from Hillston to Milton (approx 1985) and then near Nowra (approx 1996) where he died from a severe form of motor neurone disease in 1998.