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Looking for Kytherians on the East Coast, USA

submitted by MARIANTHI CORONEOU on 09.04.2010

I have lived in Texas, USA a long time, did not meet but one Kytherian family. Any Kytherian association/club on the East Coast? My son & family have settled northeast where I might be moving soon. I have one cousin in Europe, the rest live in fa...

Looking for a Kytherian friend I met a long time ago

submitted by Mariola Rey on 05.04.2010

My name is Mariola and I'm from Spain. In July-August, 1992 I went to Greece. During that trip I spent about 10 days on beautiful Kythera, over there me and David, my boyfriend then, met this great person named Nicholas (if I recall correctly I'm rea...

Anzac Day Dinner. 21st April, 2010. BOOK NOW.

submitted by Kytherian Publishing & Media on 19.03.2010

Anzac Day Dinner to celebrate the publication of the book, Diggers and Greeks Parliament of New South Wales Restaurant 21st April 6 to 10pm Guest speaker: Attorney General of NSW John Hatzistergos RSVP: 16 April 2010 Cost $69...

The Book of Vilah - Live Broadcast on SBS from The Greek Festival Of Sydney 2010

submitted by Valerios Calocerinos on 14.03.2010

Last friday night - 12th/3rd/10 marked the official opening of The Greek Festival of Sydney at The Roxy in Brighton Le Sands. The official program was launched and an online version can be found at

Looking for my Lazzareti family

submitted by John Kingston on 13.03.2010

Hi everyone, I am trying to track down my Lazzareti (also Lazarette/Lazaretti) family. My Great grandfather (Alexander) was born in Crete (circa 1854) and his brother Dimitre (Demetrius) was born in Cerigo (circa 1856). Their parents were Consta...


submitted by Helen Papanagnostou on 01.03.2010

I am looking to get information on my grandfather George Emanuel Kasimatis. I believe he was born around 1888. His siblings names were Athony (Antoni)Demtri,Angelo and froso. He may have had one more sister who died young named Sophia. He migrated to...

children's poems

submitted by Ann Coward on 01.03.2010

My YiaYia taught me a poem when I was a child but I can only remember the first words: Koukla agapemenou...Does anyone know the rest? Also, there's a counting poem that's religious. In English it would mean "1 God....4 Gospels". Does anyone know the...

The Book Of Vilah - Greek Festival of Sydney 2010

submitted by Valerios Calocerinos on 26.02.2010

Hello, It is with great pleasure we announce that the performance THE BOOK OF VILAH will be part of The Greek Festival 2010. Here is a brief description of the performance. The Book Of Vilah is a story told in dialog, music and painting. T...

Resident Artists on Kythera

submitted by Tony Cassimatis on 17.02.2010

I was reading somewhere that there are a couple of resident professional artists/painters on Kythera. Would someone know who theya re and if they have websites .....


submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 15.02.2010

Download the original Media Release here: Fardoulys-Gallery-media-release.pdf ‘This is the first time Fardoulys has been acknowledged with a state Gallery exhibition, to be presented in the Xstrata Coal Queensland Artists’ Gallery, a space esp...

ZANTIOTIS Family History help?

submitted by Spiro Zantiotis on 12.02.2010

I'm putting together our family tree and I'm looking for ancestors of Kosma Panayotis Zantiotis b 1881 d 18/03/1958. Kosma married Anna Samios and they had at least 6 children. Kosma's father was (I think) Panayotis Kosma Zantiotis who I don't have a...

find tree of Diacakis-Megalokonomos family

submitted by Antigone Diacakis on 10.02.2010

Going back until 1883 we are under the name of Diacakis. Then it seems they were called Megalokonomos or Diacakis/Megalokonomos. Anyone knows anything relating those names?


submitted by JOAN PIPICH on 26.01.2010

Seeking descendants of Maria Nicholas Stratigos, b.Milipotomas, Kythera, abt. 1865. She married Nicholas Makrides (sp?)and had a daugher, Maria Nicholas Makrides who married Emanuel Stratigos Maria and Emanual emigrated to Australia and had two ch...

Trying to locate,Ted Panaretos entry from 2/2004

submitted by Deborah Gladu on 26.01.2010

I am trying to locate the original owner of my home or the land its' on. I have been to the town hall here in Cumberland RI, records show deed transfers regarding Theodore and Virginia Panaretos, searching the internet has led me to this site via...

*****Karavitiko Symposium 2010*****

submitted by Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney on 21.01.2010

Γιορτη του Αγιου Χαραλαμπου The Karavitiko Symposium invites you to come along and enjoy a superb luncheon to celebrate την ημερα του Αγιου Χαραλαμπου On: Sunday 21st February 2010 At: All Saints Greek Orthodox Hall...

International conference on the topic of Appian, a second century AD historian of the Roman Empire

submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 19.01.2010

Through events such as the screening of the 1928 film, about the voyage of the D'Attalia, and depositing of various Greek-Australian books such as Life in Australia (1916, 2009), and Jim Saltis, My Four Homes, and newly forged connections with SAE, b...

book launch in Sydney

submitted by John Mavromattis on 18.01.2010

My name is John James Mavromatis , could some body please tell me when the book launch is to be held and at which venue.

Obtaining a Greek passport - advice please?!!

submitted by Kylie Flavell on 01.01.2010

Hello, My mother is Greek Australian and lodged her registration in order to obtain a Greek passport about 6 months ago. I know it takes a while but I am desperate to also get my passport and was wondering if there is any way to speed up the proce...

Nursing Home on Kythera

submitted by Irena Combes on 28.12.2009

Does anyone know the location of a Nursing Home on Kythera. Any help would be appreciated.

Research Work

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 11.12.2009

As I am doing research on Kythera during WW!!, I wish to find copies of the two following books: "Η Εαμικη Τυρανια" του Κονσταντινου Σταθη (1945-46) "Τα κατα την θποδουλωσιν εις Γερμανοιταλους" του Ι.Π. Κασιματις (1957) I would very much apprec...