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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins (1968-)

This is where people of Kytherian decent who have contributed to their community in an extraordinary way will be featured. They need not be "famous" is the usual sense of the world, simply extraordinary.

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submitted by Maryann Mazarick-stoner on 16.04.2005

Milton Emmanuel Mazarick

[[picture:"Milton Mazarick.JPG" ID:7132]]

Milton E. Mazarick Memorial Park, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was named after a Kytherian Immigrant's son. Milton's father, Michael Mazarick, left Hora Kythera to make a life in America. Milton grew up in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, and later made his way to Fayetteville, North Carolina. There he owned an appliance and music store. He was well-known in his community for supporting and promoting tennis and for his love of the game.

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submitted by William Notaras on 21.04.2014

Angelo & John Notaras

[[picture:"AWARDS2.jpg" ID:6982]]

John (left) & Angelo Notaras with some of their patented inventions, together with a few of their Australian and International awards.

Also, view / download a more recent (2014) appraisal of Angelo Notaras' life:

Angelo Notaras 2014 Order of Australia.pdf

In 1908 Anthony ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 13.04.2005

Jack (Evangelos) Vanges

Jack Vanges was born in Kythera on the 17th January, 1913. He came to Nyngan when only about 16 years old. He worked at the California Cafe for Mr Nicholas Crethar for many years, eventually acquiring ownership of the Cafe himself.

[[picture:"California Cafe. Nyngan best.jpg" ID:7078]]

Jack is standing on the right hand side.

Jack applied himself diligently to his business, in which he was very successful, but as the years passed and he ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2008

Catherine McCarthy

285 Gravelly Beach Rd
Gravelly Beach
Tasmania 7276
Catherine McCarthy established this business March 2004 continuing a tradition of Greek business in the hospitality industry.
Her great grandfather’s family, commencing with Peter Phacheas (Fatseas), arrived in the colony of NSW 1889 and worked at oyster saloons in Sydney until he established his own business in 1894 at Orange. Peter was associated with businesses in Newtown (1897) ...

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submitted by Victor Panaretos on 13.02.2005

James Kalokerinos

James Kalokerinos was born on 3 June 1926 in Glen Innes, a town in northern New South Wales, the second son of Nicholas and Mary Kalokerinos, migrants from the Greek island of Kythera. In those days Kythera was poverty-stricken, and many of its people were forced to emigrate in order to survive; some went to America, but the majority came to Australia. James’s family background included Minos Kalokerinos of Crete, who in the latter part of the nineteenth century dug some trenches on a plot of land ...

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submitted by Stephen Samios on 19.05.2005

Nicholas Aroney

[[picture:"Aroney Nicholas.JPG" ID:7475]]

Nicholas is married to Lisa Gwenneth (nee Grant). They have four children: Michelle Maree (12), Samuel Theodore (10), Nathaniel Thomas (7) and Josiah Emmanuel (2).

Kytherian heritage

"I'm the son of Theodore Nicholas Aroney and Helen Aroney (nee Fardoulis).

My paternal grandparents were Nicholas Theodore Aroney and Stella Aroney (nee Kepreotis).

My father's siblings are ...

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submitted by Betty Summers (nee, Notaras) on 01.01.2013

Dr Mitchell James Notaras

[[picture:"Notaras, Mitchell.jpg" ID:6428]]

See also - Wikipedia entry

From the Greek Australian Vema. November 2003. 12/34.

1 million gift to boost medical research.

In 1908 Anthony (Tony) Lambros Notaras arrived In Australia. [See entry for Tony in this section, High Achievers]. Originally from Frilingianika, Kythera, he later returned to the Island and ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 25.12.2004

Cosmos Coroneos

From the National Archaeology Week website:

What is your current position?
Director, Cosmos Archaeology Pty Ltd - a consultancy, which specialises in maritime archaeology.

Where did you study archaeology?
University of Sydney, 1984 – 1987 where I graduated with a BA (Hons) in archaeology. Graduated from Curtin University (Perth) in 1990 with a Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology.

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submitted by George Poulos on 18.12.2004

George Emanuel Cominos

[[picture:"Cominos, George, Qld.jpg" ID:5992]]

From the Queensland Government site:

In 1927, a Greek migrant, George Emanuel Cominos (1884-1962) became the new owner of the the building now known as "Cominos House".

Born on the Island of Kythera (background and map) - one of the Ionian Islands of Southern Greece that had passed from Britain to Greece in 1864. He arrived to Sydney in 1901 – ...

5945:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 18.12.2004

Conomos Brothers, Walgett. Lambros, Emanuel & James.

Lambros Conomos (Megalokonomos) came to Australia from Kalamos, Kythera in 1911 aged fourteen. He was employed at Aroney's Café at 9 Alfred St, Circular Quay the very first day he arrived. At that time, Circular Quay was the busiest place in Sydney. There were twenty-four men working in Aroney's three-storey fish shop and restaurant, which had two dining rooms and a very large kitchen where Lambros worked.

He wrote to his father that there was plenty of work everywhere ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 02.12.2004

Peter Corones

[[picture:"Corones, Peter. Mayor of Gladstone.jpg" ID:5753]]

Peter Corones


Gladstone Council


[Knowledge of the web-links supplied by Ellena Galtos.]

First elected to council in 1985 as an Alderman for two terms and retired after being appointed General Manager of the Gladstone Area Promotion and Development ...

5714:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 05.12.2004

Jack Lewis. Ioannis Gerakitis.

Text from;
Hugh Gilchrist, Australians and Greeks. Volume 1: The Early Years. Halstead Press. Sydney. 1992. pp. 260-261.

[[picture:"Lewis, Jack, full torso.jpg" ID:5713]]

"Australia's most notable Greek sportsman....was Ioannis Gerakitis. Born on Kythera about 1893, he came to Australia as a very young lad. His family had nicknamed him Glous, which was later transformed into Lewis, and as Jack Lewis he became known in Australia as an outstanding ...

5603:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 28.04.2006

Peter Clentzos

[[picture:"Clentzoscrop180pix.jpg" ID:5618]]

Word Champion
An Olympian's Record Stands: Hubba-Hubba!

By Peter Carlson
Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, August 22, 2004; Page D01

ATHENS -- With his big, thick right hand, Pete Clentzos slaps his belly. The hand bounces off.

"The belly's solid," he says
He's right. At 95, Clentzos still has an athlete's body. He's sitting on the roof of the Plaka ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 16.11.2004

Antonius (Tony) Notaras

[[picture:"Notaras, Antonius.jpg" ID:5582]]

Antonius Notaras, was one of the fascinating characters interviewed by Suzanne Falkiner for her 1985 book, Australians Today. (Publisher, George Allen and Unwin). Also reproduced in the Sydney Morning Heralds'
Good Weekend Magazine
in the same year.

I still feel Greek after 50 years as an Australian

Before I came to Sydney, one of the men came back to the island (Kythera) ...

5576:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Kalligeros on 16.11.2004

Nicholas Samios

[[picture:"samios.jpg" ID:5596]]

Nicholas Samios grew up in Livadi and graduated from the Kythera “Gymnasion” about 1949, then left for the United States to study Physics at New York’s Columbia University. He graduated from Columbia in 1953 and in 1957. He became one of the United States’ leading nuclear physicists. Much of his career was at the Brookhaven National Laboratories in New York where he made major contributions to our understanding of neutrinos and the developement ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 10.02.2005

Chris Samios

Chris Samios

Chris Samios was born in Perth, Western Australia, on the 24th April, 1962.

He has over 20 years experience teaching wrestling in W.A..

Wrestling got a grip on Chris 30 years ago when his father, George introduced him to the sport. George Samios won state titles over a 22 year period and represented Australia in wrestling on numerous
occasions both as competitor and as team manager. [See entry for George, in this section].

5302:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 01.05.2006

George Samios

[[picture:"Samios, George, wrestler.jpg" ID:5706]]

[Information supplied by son, Steve Samios.]

GEORGE SAMIOS, Champion wrestler.


George Samios was born on the Greek island of Kythera on 20th February 1916. His parents, Menas and Dimitra worked hard as subsistence farmers on Kythera to raise their 7 children.

To improve their economic position, Menas
travelled to Australia, following ...

5266:People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 04.08.2005

James Samios

[[picture:"Samios, James.jpg" ID:5265]]
The Hon. James Miltiadis Samios, M.B.E., B.A., LL.B., M.L.C.

Former Member of the Legislative Council
(The Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament).

Held positions of:

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Services,
Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Ethnic Affairs

Born in Brisbane, Queensland, on September 10, 1933.

Married. Rosemary Nicholson, ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 15.10.2004

Kevin Cork

[[picture:"Cork Kevin, individual.jpg" ID:5197]]

Kevin Cork, in April 1997, at his son Stuart's graduation.

Biography of Kevin Cork (20/10/1946 -

Conserver of the Hellenic and Kytherian Cinema Heritage in Australia.

[A very special thank you to Merle, Julie and Stuart Cork, for providing the biographical detail of Kevin's life that ensures.]

Kevin’s love of theatre began as a young boy attending ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 04.08.2005

John Harry Conomos

[[picture:"Conomos John Toyota.jpg" ID:5101]]

[John Conomos's village of origin on Kythera is Potamos.]

Toyota Australia chief set to join big boys

By Ian Porter
Melbourne AGE
April 13, 2004

Toyota Australia is poised to join the top echelon of the giant Toyota group with the proposed naming of John Conomos as a managing officer, reporting directly to the board.

Mr Conomos has been slated for election ...