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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins (1968-)

This is where people of Kytherian decent who have contributed to their community in an extraordinary way will be featured. They need not be "famous" is the usual sense of the world, simply extraordinary.

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submitted by Anastasia Baveas on 23.11.2006

Stavros (Stan) Baveas. Σταύρος Μπαβέας

Stavros Baveas

(Tears fill the eyes of Anastasia Baveas as she talks, much moved, of one of the greatest men she ever knew, her father.)

Stavros Baveas left Kythera, like many Greek men of his time, at a very young age to work in Australia. In his first years there he worked on a farm owned by the Kordatou family, and later, having saved up enough from his wages he opened his own establishment, the ABC ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Athanasia Glycofrydi-Leontsini on 29.03.2008

Athanassia Glycofrydi-Leontsini

Professor of Modern European and Neohellenic Philosophy-Department of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece

Home Address:

8, Valaniou Str.,
18536 Piraeus

Tel./Fax: (0030)210-4518279

Office: University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy.

University Campus, Ilissia 15771

Tel.: (0030)210-7277538, Fax: (0030)210-7248979

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 24.10.2005

Emmanuel G Cassimatis M.D.

Dr. Cassimatis is Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Professor of Psychiatry, F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine (SOM), Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU). His responsibilities include oversight of the SOM’s clinical affiliations and of the University’s international programs. From 1995 to 2000, he was additionally the senior project officer for the design, construction and staffing of the University’s ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Peter Bouras on 26.10.2006

Marea Gazzard, (nee, Ploumides)

Prominent Australian, and World sculptress.

Father: Haralambos Ploumidis


Marea Gazzard working on Mingarri

The Greek/Australian Superstar of Craft.

Marea Gazzard, aged 76, has a design background. She began studying ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 14.10.2005

Emmanuel P Kalligeros

Emmanuel P. Kalligeros was born in Kythera in 1949, where he finished High School. He studied Political Sciences in Athens and worked for many years as executive of foreign banks. Now, he works in the Commercial Bank of Greece.

Since 1988 he has published monthly, the newspaper Kythiraika. Since 1991, he has also published the Historical and Tourist Book Guide Kythira, which is published in five languages, ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Peter Bouras on 05.10.2005

John Conomos

Visual Artist

, from the Arts in Australia, website:

John Conomos is a media artist, critic and writer who explores the formal collisions of old and new media. Reflected in his practice over the past 20 years is a fascination with the idea of cinema, video and new media as a form of writing.

Conomos' work is a collaborative synthesis ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 27.11.2008

Theodore Sougiannis


Born: Athens, Greece, September 27, 1954.
United States Citizen.


Department of Accountancy
College of Commerce and Business Administration
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
360 Wohlers Hall
1206 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 244-0555
e-mail address:

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Hugh Gilchrist on 25.09.2005

Ioannis (John) D Kominos & Athanasios D Kominos

A number of Kytherian families began to migrate to Australia, towards the end of the 19th century. Amongst the more prominent among these were the Kominos families, from the village of Perleyianika near Potamos.

The first Kominos to reach Australia, Athanasios, landed in Sydney in 1873, probably as a seaman on a sailing ship from New Zealand, when he was 29.

One of six children of a farmer, Dimitrios Kominos, and his wife Agapi, née Menega, Athanasios had lived in ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Peter Bouras on 25.09.2005

John Nicholas Comino

Born in Sydney, on the 28 March 1951.
His parents were Nicholas John Comino & Garyfallia Comino (nee, Kontakos).

His paternal grandfather was John Kominos who was known as the Oyster King and migrated to Australia from Kythera in 1884 on board the Potosi joining his brother Athanassios who had migrated in 1879.

Biographies ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 20.09.2005

Kyriakos D. Kentrotis

Nationality: Greek
Date / Place of Birth: June 27, 1962 / Molai
Office Address: Ionian University, DFLTI Megaro Capodistria, 
491 00 Corfu  
Position: Senior Assistant Professor, European Relations & German Translation, Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (DFLTI), Ionian University, Corfu

Kytherian Background

I was born in Molai, Greece. I am ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Alex Freeleagus on 16.09.2005

Christy & Ariadne Freeleagus

From an Address on the lives of




Given to the Solomos Greek Australian Cultural Society

At the Greek Community Centre

Brisbane, Queensland

Wednesday, 20th April, 1994

Photograph of Christy Freeleagus on the family ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 20.09.2005

Professor Vasili Leftheris

Vasilios Leftheris was born in Livadi Kythera, attended the elementary school in Livadi and Gymnasion in Chora.

He obtained his bachelor from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a Masters from the University of Birmingham, England, another Masters from the University of Brooklyn in New York, USA and his PhD from Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.

He has participated in the Lunar Space program ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 15.11.2005

Professor George N Leontsinis

Professor of Modern Greek History
and Teaching of History
20 Hippocratous St.,
Athens 106 80, Greece
Tel.: + 30 210 368 8490, +30 6946307892 (mobile)
Fax: + 30 210 368 8489-Tel./Fax: +30 210 4518279

e-mail contact: ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Viola Prineas on 25.08.2005

Peter Gregory Prineas

I am not Greek, but my beloved husband was, and my children are Greek. All three look like their father, not me. But I have always been proud about my decision to marry Peter Gregory Prineas. I was 20 years old when I met my handsome future husband one night on the steamship Admiral, on the Mississippi River in St. Louis Missouri, during the Big Band era. From then on, all my friends were Greek, and their families, accepted me as well. He was in his 2nd year of college. So I saw him only on the ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 11.08.2005

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 02.01.2006

Professor Nikos Petrochilos

Professor Nicholas Petrochilos : Curriculum vitae

Nicholas's father was Kosmas Petrochilos, and his mother, Aikaterini Stathi - Petrochilou. Kosmas came to Australia when he was 14 years of age. He remained there to the age of 36, when he returned to live in Greece. Soon after returning to Kythera, he married Aikaterini.

Aikaterini's paratsoukli was Kalogerinis. Aikaterini was the school teacher ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Dean Coroneos on 25.06.2009

Theodore Simos

Judge Theodore Simos. Upon his appointment to the Bench in 1995.

Written by: R P Meagher

Personalia Section, Australian Law Journal. August 1995, page 613.

On 31 January 1995 Theodore Simos QC was sworn in as a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Amongst the many people who attended the ceremonial was Sir Arthur Mason (then Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia), with whom his Honour read, when he commenced practice at the Bar.

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 16.09.2014

Nicholas (Nick) George Politis

Nick Politis is one of five Australian-Kytherian’s to receive Australian honours in 2014. On the Queen’s birthday he was made a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia, for significant service to rugby league football as an administrator.

He could equally have been bestowed with the honour as one of Kytherian-Australia’s, Greek-Australia’s, and Australia’s most prominent and ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 12.05.2006

Theo Karedis

Over more than a century a number of Kytherian-Australians have proved themselves to be exceptional businessmen. It is a talent and an art form - to build businesses and wealth. It takes extraordinary acumen to wealth create at the Theo Karedis level.

The Logo

[[picture:"Theos Liquor Logo.jpg" ID:10465]]

In very few Australian businesses has the person behind the store - become the face ...