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On January 27th, 2003, the book, "KYTHERIAN SURNAMES", written by the editor of Kythiraika newspaper, Mr. Emmanouil Kalligeros, was introduced to the Kytherian and Hellenic public. The book launch was held at a special exhibition, organised by the Society of Kytherian Studies, at the Centre of the Kytherians. Response to the launch of the book was so great that people had to be turned away for lack of seating space.

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submitted by Peter Coronis on 20.09.2010


I have recently visited kythera with my wife visited my uncle steve(stavrou) coronis and also cousins Strato from arionathika and cousin peter from Diakofti.

My fathers name is Victor (Vreto) Coronis he had a brother Jim coronis and sisters Maria Flaskas and Poppy not sure of her last name.

My grandfather and grandmother have both passed away a long time agon there names were Peter/Helen coronis the same names my sister and i have in australia.

I would ...

People > Surnames Book

submitted by Diamanta Souris on 19.11.2009


Wanting to work on a family tree for the Contoleons. I am a grand daughter of John (Yianni) and Diamanta Contoleon. I know my popou was the 3rd eldest of 11. His parents where Angelo (Evangelos)& Maria Contoleon. They were all from Viarathika.